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The Tailoring Club - Autumn/Winter 2014 collection

Approaching yet another Scandinavian fall season, The Tailoring Club follows. Embrace themoods of cold and cloudy days. The focus is dark and monochrome. An attitude and a feelingof rock’n roll.

Wearing a suit is always a matter of personal style. Do it according to your own rules,based on the knowledge of how to do it right. The key word of the season is disrespect forthe garment, respecting the codes and knowledge of the perfect fit.

A suit never looks better than its owners approach and personality. It is never more thana visual reflection of the true style that lies beneath. Let your attitude speak throughyour clothes. Let it tell the world you care. That you know what matters in life, and howto deal with it.

True style is down to earth. Men performing with both feet on the ground, deliveringresults without limits. Style may be rough. Worn. It may look intimidating. The key word,is respect, on all levels and areas.

Act like a douche, and the most well cut garment might look good for a few seconds.Be humble, and pay respect to the people around you, and any well-worn suit will takeyou further than you would ever have imagined. You are a man who pays attention not onlyto clothing, but also to the importance of intelligence, friendship and a confident butgentle attitude to the world.

Mix coarse fabrics with a vintage look and feel. Bold cuts and dark colors, worn likethe world is your stage. Denim and well used leather pieces, together with sharply cuttailoring. Create the feeling of rock’n roll. The Tailoring club is about merging styles.Tailored garments with an immaculate fit, meeting the worn and torn. A suit is nothingmore than a piece of clothing, until you add your personality.

A dark double breasted, perfectly tailored woolen pea coat over a pinstripe jacket and apair of skinny black jeans, worn with a crisp white shirt and chunky black derbies fromAllen Edmonds. The navy bomber jacket, worn with dark grey suit trousers and a whiteT-shirt. Double denim, worn with a shirt and tie. The three piece, dark grey woolen suit,worn with a button down denim shirt.

The number of expressions is endless, only limited by your own approach to style and yourwardrobe. Stay rough. Stay humble and stylish.

The Suit is dead. Long live the suit.

  • TTC_webb4.jpg
    Merton Wool Jacket 3 500 SEK/370 EUR
  • TTC_webb6.jpg
    ThreeSixtyFive Jacket 2 500 SEK/270 EUR, ThreeSixtyFive Pants1 200 SEK/130 EUR, Drake Washed Cotton Shirt 900 SEK/90 EUR, Striped Wool Tie 700 SEK/70 EUR
  • TTC_webb7.jpg
    Carlton Twill Shirt 900 SEK/90 EUR, Wool Flannel Tie 700 SEK/70 EUR, Ignition Denim Selvage Jacket (Price on request)
  • TTC_webb8.jpg
    Compton Knit 1 200 SEK/130 EUR, Steeler Pinstripe Jacket 3 000 SEK/320 EUR
  • TTC_webb9.jpg
    Three Sixty Five Jacket 2 500 SEK/270 EUR, Three Sixty Five Pants 1 200 SEK/130 EUR, Three Sixty Five Vest 1 000 SEK/110 EUR, Carlton Poplin Shirt 900 SEK/90 EUR
  • TTC_webb11.jpg
    Venge Down Jacket 3 000 SEK/320 EUR, Three Sixty Five Pant 1 200 SEK/130 EUR
  • TTC_webb12.jpg
    Roebuck DB Wool Coat 4 000 SEK/420 EUR, Ignition Selvage Denim Jeans1 500 SEK/160 EUR
  • TTC_webb13.jpg
    Arden Wool Peacoat 3 500 SEK/370 EUR, Merton Wool Pants 1 200 SEK/130 EUR, Bracker Cashmere Sweater 1 500 SEK/160 EUR
  • TTC_webb14.jpg
    Steeler Checked Jacket 2 800 SEK/300 EUR, Steeler Checked Pants 1 200 SEK/130 EUR, Drake Washed Cotton Shirt 900 SEK/90 EUR, Wool Flannel Tie 700 SEK/70 EUR
  • TTC_webb15.jpg
    Merton Wool Pants 1 200 SEK/130 EUR
  • TTC_webb16.jpg
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The collection A/W 2012

The Tailoring Club Manifesto

Learn the basic rules for suits, but have the confidence to break them. The Tailoring Club is tailoring tradition and craftsmanship, but with scope for individualism and modernity.

See the details! Half canvas, worked-up lining, openable buttonholes, diagonal pockets and double back vent create a sharp silhouette. A well-fitted suit or jacket deserves the best accessories.

The Tailoring Club also offers round-neck sweaters in soft cashmere, classic men´s shirts, as well as ties and pochettes from the best Italian accessories´ suppliers.

Live with and in your suit. In the modern world, the suit is not a strict uniform. Wear the garment in a manner that is most comfortable for you. Match with tie and well-ironed white shirt or with sneakers and wrinkled denim shirt.

Let the suit work its magic. The shoulders will be broader, the waistline slimmer and enough pockets for mobile telephone and wallet. No others garment is so flattering for a man as a well-fitting suit or jacket.

The suit is dead. Long live the suit.


  • TTC12_001.jpg
    Threesixtyfive Jacket 2500SEK/270EUR, Carlton Denim Shirt 900SEK/90EUR, Wool Flannel Tie 700SEK/70EUR
  • TTC12_002.jpg
    Soba Cashmere Rollneck 1500SEK/150EUR, Threesixtyfive Pant, 1000SEK/110EUR
  • TTC12_003.jpg
    Kennedy Wool Jacket 3000SEK/320EUR, Kennedy Wool Pant 1200SEK/130EUR, Bracker Cashmere Sweater 1500SEK/150EUR, Carlton Ribbed Twill Shirt 900SEK/90EUR
  • TTC12_004.jpg
    Monty Duffle Coat 3500SEK/350EUR, “Gloverall in collaboration with The Tailoring Club”
  • TTC12_005.jpg
    Vanity Coat 4000SEK/420EUR, Kennedy Wool Pant 1200SEK/130EUR, Carlton Oxford Shirt 900SEK/90EUR Wool Donegal Tie 700SEK/70EUR, Shoes from Allen Edmonds (Vintage suspenders)
  • TTC12_006.jpg
    Shaw Jacket 3500SEK/370EUR, Shaw Pant 1200SEK/130EUR, Drake Panama Shirt 900SEK/90EUR, Bracker Cashmere Sweater 1500SEK/150EUR, Wool Pepita Tie 700SEK/70EUR
  • TTC12_008.jpg
    Steeler Jacket 2500SEK/270EUR, Carlton Ribbed Twill Shirt 900SEK/90EUR
  • TTC12_013.jpg
    Bracker Cashmere Sweater 1500SEK/150EUR
  • TTC12_018.jpg
    Threesixtyfive Jacket 2500SEK/270EUR, Threesixtyfive Pant 1000SEK/110EUR, Carlton Ribbed Twill Shirt 900SEK/90EUR, Silk Knit Bowtie 500SEK/50EUR
  • TTC12_019.jpg
    Threesixtyfive Jacket 2500SEK/270EUR, Seymor Oxford Shirt 900SEK/90EUR, Wool Flannel Tie 700SEK/70EUR, Ignition Selvage Denim 1200SEK/130EUR
  • TTC12_020.jpg
    Monty Duffle Coat 3500SEK/350EUR, “Gloverall for The Tailoring Club” Kennedy Wool Jacket 3000SEK/320EUR, Carlton Ribbed Twill Shirt 900SEK/90EUR, Cashmere Knit Tie 1500SEK/150EUR
  • TTC12_021.jpg
    Shaw Jacket 3500SEK/350EUR, Cashmere Scarf 2000SEK/200EUR
  • TTC12_022.jpg
    Vanity Coat 4000SEK/420EUR, Bracker Cashmere Sweater 1500SEK/150EUR, Drake Panama Shirt 900SEK/90EUR, Cashmere Scarf 2000SEK/200EUR
  • TTC12_023.jpg
    Shows jacket make
  • TTC12_024.jpg
    Shows jacket make
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The collection S/S 2012

It’s all about knowing the rules, and just as much about breaking them. The best results are achieved if you master the codes that shape classic men’s fashion, and then respectfully ignore them. The soul comprises the tradition and craft of tailoring, coupled with scope for modern individualism. The collection is based on well-tailored suits and sport jackets in fine wool and other natural materials. Collars and pocket flaps are slighter wider and the fit is lean, without being slim. The jackets can be completely or half lined and distinctive details include slanted pockets with an extra ticket pocket or collar felt with a spotted pattern. The spring collection also features scoop tees and premium cotton shirts designed to match the jackets and suits. Half-lined jackets, available in indigo-blue or steel-gray, and gray-blue fil-á-fil cotton suits are another novelty. Accessories consist of pochettes, bow-ties and ties in blended materials such as cotton voile, silk, linen and cashmere blends. The color schemes match the main collection, i.e. indigo-blue and shades of gray with strains of ecru-beige-brown tones. The garments and accessories feature all the details that distinguish a thoroughly implemented craft: carefully selected textiles, expertly tailored cuffs and collars, half canvas (sewn, not glued) and hand-sewn seams.

  • TTC12Q2-L001.jpg
    Two-button, half-lined linen herringbone jacket with patch pockets 3000Sek/300Eur, linen herringbone pant 1200Sek/120Eur, Egyption two-ply shirt with pointed collar 900Sek/90Eur, cotton woven tie 700Sek/70Eur, silk pochette 300Sek/30Eur
  • TTC12Q2-L002.jpg
    Two-button, fully lined wool nailhead jacket 2500Sek/250Eur, premium cotton tee 400Sek/40Eur, cashmere sweater 1500Sek/150Eur, cotton voile pochette with raw edges 300Sek/30Eur
  • TTC12Q2-L003.jpg
    Two-button, fully lined premium cotton jacket 2500Sek/250Eur, premium cotton pant 1000Sek/100Eur, Egyptian two-ply cotton shirt with cut-away collar 900Sek/90Eur, cotton voile scarf 800Sek/80Eur
  • TTC12Q2-L004.jpg
    Two-button linen herringbone jacket 3000Sek/300Eur, cotton woven tie 700Sek/70Eur
  • TTC12Q2-L005.jpg
    Left inner pocket, cut in shell fabric for durability
  • TTC12Q2-L006.jpg
    Flower loop behind lapel and dotted satin collar backing
  • TTC12Q2-L007.jpg
    Right inner pocket with safety flap
  • TTC12Q2-L008.jpg
    Mini bowties various qualities 500Sek/50Eur
  • TTC12Q2-L009.jpg
    Ties 700Sek/70Eur
  • TTC12Q2-L010.jpg
    Various pochettes and scarves in cotton, silk & cashmere blends 300-1500Sek/30-150Eur
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The collection A/W 2011

The collection is based on well-tailored suits and jackets made of comfortable wool and flannel fabrics. The width of collars and pocket flaps is slightly larger and the fit is narrower without being slim. The jackets are fully or partly lined and characteristic details include diagonal pockets with an extra ticket pocket or spotted patterns on the neck fabric. Some of the jackets have patch pockets instead of diagonal pockets to create a more casual look.

The collection also includes round-neck and v-neck cashmere sweaters as well as shirts, specially designed to match the jackets and suits. These garments have all the details that are the hallmarks of dedicated workmanship: carefully selected fabric, well-sewn collars and lapels, half canvas (stitched, not fused) and sleeve buttons that can be opened. The shirts are made of Egyptian 2-ply cotton and have 18 stitches per inch.

The collection also features a range of accessories, such as ties, handkerchiefs and bowties.


  • thetailoringclub clothes.jpg
    Two-button wool Jacket 2500 Sek/250 Eur, Egyptian two-ply cotton Shirt, pointded collar 900 Sek/90 Eur, Tie 700 Sek/70 Eur.
  • thetailoringclub clothes 2.jpg
    Wool flannel Jacket with patchpockets 3000 Sek/300 Eur, Egyptian two-ply cotton Shirt, cut-away collar 900 Sek/90 Eur.
  • thetailoringclub clothes 4.jpg
    Half-lined Jacket in boiled wool 3000 Sek/300 Eur, Egyptian two-ply cotton Shirt, pointed collar 900 Sek/90 Eur, Cashmere Sweater 1500 Sek/150 Eur, Pochette 250 Sek/25 Eur.
  • thetailoringclub clothes 5.jpg
    Jacket in cashmere blend 3000 Sek/300 Eur, Egyptian two-ply cotton Shirt, cut-away collar 900 Sek/90 Eur, Cashmere Sweater 1500 Sek/150 Eur, Tie 700 Sek/70 Eur.
  • thetailoringclub clothes 1.jpg
    Two-button woolflannel Jacket with patchpockets 2500 Sek/250 Eur, Egyptian two-ply cotton Shirts, cut away collar 900 Sek/90 Eur, Fineknitted cashmere crewneck 1500 Sek/150 Eur.
  • thetailoringclub clothes nya.jpg
    Two-button wool Jacket 2500 Sek/25 Eur, Egyptian two-ply cotton Shirt, pointed collar 900 Sek/90 Eur, Cashmere Sweater 1500 Sek/150 Eur.
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